I will code beautiful and portable shell scripts

code beautiful and portable shell scripts

About This Gig

I'll code a beautiful and portable shell script for any POSIX (Linux, *Bsd, Solaris, OS X, 3rd party UNIX implementation) platform.

I'm a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience working in a DevOP position, administrating and ensuring continues deployment of Internet services.


  • Advanced sh techniques (dash as base implementation)
  • Advanced sed/awk/grep/busybox/pipes knowledge
  • Minimalism
  • Great performance, commonly faster than perl/python/ruby alternatives
  • Portability between POSIX systems


Every gig reports $3.5 on my side after commissions. A single gig covers a maximum time of 30min or 50 lines of code, whichever is completed first. More time/loc can be allocated by selecting additional gigs.

I could request access to obscure UNIX implementations where necessary.

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