I will package software in deb or rpm archives

package software in deb or rpm archives

About This Gig

I'll package any data (software, images, video, etc) in  Deb or RPM containers compatible with Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Red Hat/Centos/Fedora, etc.

I'm a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience working in a DevOP position, administrating and ensuring continues deployment of Internet services.


  • Advanced packaging techniques, configuration, postscripts
  • Minimalism
  • Portability between DEB/RPM systems
  • Optional: repository setup, ask first
  • Optional: dsc/rpms source packages, ask first


Every gig reports $3.5 on my side after commissions. A single gig covers a maximum time of 30min or 50 lines of code, whichever is completed first. More time/loc can be allocated by selecting additional gigs.

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