I will create a uniquely comprehensive numerology report for $5

create a uniquely comprehensive numerology report
create a uniquely comprehensive numerology report

About This Gig


Our obsession with how numbers influence our lives is growing.  Sceptics now realize, nature and science rely on numerical patterns; and even luck or chance, relate to mathematical probability.


It should be no surprise, even our destiny is governed by numbers.  This is known as numerology, which is being called the mathematics of the universe.


Numerology is an ancient Hebrew art, dating back to 4000 B.C.


The mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras; was impressed with how accurate the destiny calculations of individuals proved to be; using numerology.

Numerology is calculated using your date of birth; and exact birth name.

What if you possessed a personalized instruction manual for life, informing of dangers and opportunities, allowing you to maximize your existence?


Well, this is the principle of numerology. It helps you become a better person.


Numerology is your personalized diary of life, enabling you to remain happy, positive and healthy, the three attributes to a prosperous life.  


 Using precise numerological calculations, I produce a personalized, comprehensive report, highlighting the true nature of your personality.