I will solve any linear programming problem

solve any linear programming problem

About This Gig

I will solve all kinds Linear Programming Problems using Excel Solver

The solution will consist of the following (as per requirement):
   Problem Formulation
  • Decision Variables
  • Constraints
  • Objective Function

   Problem Solution
  • Model Generation
  • Optimal Solution Interpretation
   Sensitivity Analysis
  • Range of Optimality
  • Range of Feasibility
  • Dual Value
  • Reduced Cost
  • RHS Range Analysis
    Managerial Report Preparation
anything specific that you require.

You will receive a pdf with the detailed solution, along with an Excel sheet highlighting pertinent parts of the solution and analysis.
If you require the editable Word document, that will also be provided.

I can also help you with the following:
  1. Nonlinear Optimization Models
  2. PERT/CPM Analysis
  3. Inventory Models

If you need anything specific that is not mentioned here, please message me. I might be able to help you with that also.

Please send your requirement for analysis first before placing the order. This is absolutely essential for estimating the turnaround time.