I will give you a honest, thoughtful critique of your short story

give you a honest, thoughtful critique of your short story
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Description Overall Story Review Overall Story + Character Review Story+Character& Chapter Review
  Roughly one pg overall thoughts and opinion of the story. Overall review of the story as well of the main characters. Overall opinion of the story and character. Looks for any plot holes or character illogical actions.
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
5000 5000 5000
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
0 1 2
Delivery time 3 days 4 days 5 days

About This Gig

I will read your short story and write an honest and thoughtful critique for $5. Short story is a max of 0-5000 words.  It can be any genre, even FanFicton. Send me your story and I will read it once as a reader then again, looking for areas where I will give you suggestions on what I thought was good, what could be changed or strengthened, and what could be better. My critiques are geared towards story line, flow, and characters. My services do not include editing, only a review. However, should I see something to do with grammar I will be sure to mention it.

Let me know which aspect you are most focused on: character, story line, etc

 Thanks! I look forward to working with you!

Please attach a copy of your story in PDF.

Tell me the type of genre the story is, a brief 50 word summary, and Goal/Point the story is meant to make by the end of reading. If there is one you are wanting to make.

If you have one then please include a Short Main Character/s Profile with your story's PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do a paid for book review for Amazon?
    No, I do not provide a paid for book review. My interest is in helping before the book is published.
  • Will you provide an analysis of a book that is all ready published?
    Yes, I will. If the review is to be used commercially then please contact me beforehand.
  • Do you work with non-ficion books?
    Yes, I do. Please email me telling me the subject matter before buying this gig first, please.
  • Will you provide a book analysis even if it isn't my own book?
    Yes. Just let me know before hand so I know I am not addressing the author when I write the review,