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About This Gig

Hi! I'm providing my music mixing services for all interesting projects out there.  
Why choose me?
1. Acoustically treated studio: while mixing in a professionally treated room is not a guarantee to get a good mix... mixing without acoustic treatment is sure to get you a bad mix!
2. Organic mixing: your tracks won't just be mindlessly run through some plugin. Instead, all the nuances of your music will be taken into consideration and the mixing process will adapt to them.
3. Multi-Device Checking: your mixes will be check trough various listening devices to improve their translation factor. 
4. Five free revisions included: The mixing process will always be subjective and require communication between the seller and the buyer throughout the process. With 5 free revisions, you will have the chance to fine-tune the final product.   

By default, no mastering is included. Read the FAQ to understand the why.

Mixing music is what I like doing most and I'd love working on your project. Let's get started! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Mastering an extra?
    The mixing and mastering processes should be done by different engineers, in different working environments. Different perspectives increase the chances of a better mix. I want you to have that option. If you decide to buy my mastering services, the result will sound just like the mix, but louder.
  • Do you mix just vocals?
    Yes. Contact me first for a custom price.