I will give you excellent experienced relationship advice

give you excellent experienced relationship advice

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  I listen. I learn. I give you feedback. I will be honest. Period :) Work with me face to face for an hour anywhere skype is available :) English speaking only Connect with me face to face over skype, youll get 3 coaching sessions with me to help you progress!
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About This Gig

Hey guys, I recently updated this, I had to.

I found that the basic idea of getting a girl or guy in your life to be missing the point.

It brings me back to when I was younger, how one person can ruin your world because of how bad you want them..

But its you that ruin your world.. And this is why we need to address whats on the inside of you as well as outside.

Anyway this description will pickup with a little silly (and truthful) background that the public seems to eat-up.. 

You know those guys in school .. the ones that were "not too bad" with the ladies? They grew up and they still weren't doing too bad.. pretty cool right?

I used to wish I could be like those guys. They had girls choosing them, they didn't even know what they were doing! 

That wasn't me. I was... pathetic

Later I learned that my perspective was uniquely empowering.

I went from horrible to, as my friends say, Amazing.

After years of reading, practicing, taking action, rinse and repeat,  I've decided its time to redirect my focus to others.

At some point learning becomes redundant, obvious, second nature. At that point, its time too spread what you know to others, this is exactly what I'm doing for you :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • will you give me specific, actionable advice?
    Yes. Once I know what your looking for, what you've been doing, I will give you ideas to chew on and actions to take ;
  • Do you also take questions from women
    I do :)
  • How long can we talk? What if your answer doesnt seem like much to "chew on" or it takes longer to feel satisfied with a resolution?
    Then we'll keep working on it and talking, for as long as it takes to get to the brass tacks and get you feeling better about it. Hopefully feeling great even !
  • Is there a specific cuirriculum? Is there specific things I will be asked to do? Like a 7 step action plan ot something? Like go talk to 50 people?
    No. Why? because everyone's different. To be honest, allot of whats wrong with the relationship industry is becasue its geared not intuitively, but mechanically. This journey of relationships is governed by the same laws as getting healthy, that is.. Its internal, and different for the individual
  • How exactily will this work?
    We will chat, in a "back and forth" question and answer therapeutic conversation, until insight comes and your ready to get a hold on your issues. I'm the conduit to help you help yourself. Your powerful and can handle these things on your own. Many times a guiding light is needed