I will stencil your logo upto 4x4 inches

stencil your logo upto 4x4 inches

About This Gig

I will cut your logo on to a 4x4inch (from longest point) stencil sheet (other sizes available) for just 5 dollars (you must have a stencil ready file, if not message me image).

Want something bigger. check out my gig extra.

This stencil will be cut out onto a thin clear .002mm stencil film or cardstock. 

What you get.
1. Stencil up to 4 inchs (from longest point) on .002 clear stencil film

Gig Extras.
Clear stencil thickness available for a little extra.

  • .004mm (or .005, if I have availiable) -$5
  • .007mm (last longer and great for spraypainting, but not r as flexable as .004-.005) $5

Gig extra (Sizes)
  • 5-8 inches (from longest point) $5.00
  • 8-10 inches(from longest point) $10.00
  • 10-12inches ( from Longes point) $15.00

Anything wider than 12 inches will be cut in sections. 
ex. if you want a 24 inch by 24 inch, then you will get 2 stencils 12inches wide. ( can join them to make one, by either sewing them together or with a double sided tape.)

I can also do two tone stencil 

Contact me for custom offer...