I will ghost Write Your eBook

it was worth the wait its fantastic thank you so much. for all your efforts greatly appreciated.
Reviewed by damabasyd about 1 year ago
ghost Write Your eBook

About This Gig

Ever contemplated writing an eBook?  Does the task of writing seem too daunting and time consuming?  Now, it is possible.  First your business, product, service, or website will Never benefit from something more.

eBooks provide:

-  Instant market credibility.  As an author, people view you and your service differently.

-  Amazing SEO!  By listing your eBook for free on sites like Amazon and other portals you piggyback on their powerful search engine rankings.

-  Value.  When you can provide visitors value, something free or paid for that will support you as a Subject Matter Expert in your field, it is proven that value will result in sales!

-  Social Media Presence.  Your presence and sphere of influence  will skyrocket because you are now an author!

The breakdown for my services pricing and length is as follows:

1 page  100 words  is 1 gig ($5)

Please order the number of gigs for the number of pages you would like.  

10 pages = 10 gigs

This gig includes 2 revisions, if more revisions are needed it is 1 additional gig for each revision. 

If you need me to research the topic, please order gig extra

You will have the rights to all content