I will write a Classified Ad

write a Classified Ad
write a Classified Ad

About This Gig

Market and advertise your business with Classified Advertising online!  Ever do a search for a product?  In most cases you will see first Ebay and Amazon.  However, the next set and subsequent pages of listings will be online classified sites, there are 1000's of these mass traffic sites that your product and service needs to be listed on!

Sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, Classifieds for Free, and this is to name a small few, Will drive traffic to your product, service, website, blog, or FanPage!  Classified ads are a free way to market and advertise your business.

Now that you know this way to advertise, the sales copy is critical.  You have a small window to get people to click.  Headline is critical and a nice crisp sales paragraph will do the trick!  My service will:

Provide 1 headline and a 250 word sales/informational paragraph for one Gig!