About This Gig

Blogs are the most important portals of information we have on the internet, besides Twitter and Facebook. A lot of blog owners have a difficult time in there main or featured post. A post that may stay on your home page for months, one that goes viral on Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, Hubpages etc. Most want and need that featured post. Your posts are critical. It is a way for you to relate your core values of your site. Your main product or purpose to your site. Maybe the singular product you are hoping to connect with all your visitors on. That is what I will write for you, 300 word blog post on the subject matter of your choice. Whether I am highlighting and speaking to the site, service, or product. The choice and decision is yours. When I write, I do so in a compelling way. I have ways to reach readers even if they are not your core audience to get them to come back for more. I utilize the most important writing technique, which is Feature, Benefit, and Emotional Tie-In. I tie in everything possible to the reader, to your site, and relate it directly to them. Please note I do not write anything of the adult content nature. ***Please message me with topic before ordering***