I will provide Marketing Skills Training Material

provide Marketing Skills Training Material

About This Gig

In this Gig, You'll get everything you need to deliver Professional Training - both workshop materials and world-class eLearning Webinars:

For $5 You will get a Power Point Slides presentation for ONLY ONE  of the following "Sales and Marketing Skills" Topics ($5 gig = 1 Topic): 

  1. Body Language Basics
  2. Call Center Training
  3. Creating a Great Webinar
  4. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  5. Marketing Basics
  6. Media And Public Relations
  7. Overcoming Sales Objections
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Proposal Writing
  10. Sales Fundamentals
  11. Trade Show Staff Training

Order total of 7 gigs $35 to receive fully customizable training materials. Mix and match training topics between courses, add new content, and even re-brand as your own. 

Order my extra gigs to get the following:  

·        Instructor Guide (MS word Document)

·        Training Manual (MS word Document)

You can easily include professional voice narrations for Each Course. Works perfect for mobile devices and web-based training! 

Order Details

2 days delivery