I will pray for you

pray for you

About This Gig

I have been told I have a spiritual, healing, and generative power by mystics, shaman's, priests, pastors, and the like. From a very young age I have been asked to pray specific prayers for friends and families. Now I am here to share with the world and see if this actually works for the masses and not just the one's who are close to me. I can make no promises or guarantees. I do promise a very powerful, spiritual, and specific prayer for your requests. I will pray for 5 mins for $5. I have been successful for others with only 2 to 3 prayers in a month! You honestly don't need me but I have told that I do in fact help and have made a noticeable difference. YOU be the judge and give me your feedback. Is this for real or just real for one's who believe? I pray in the hame of Jesus Christ but It has worked for various denominations including Buddhists. This is NON-denominational, and NON- religious but very spiritual. YOU be the judge.