I will tweet your message to 100,000 people

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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by picardes 2 months ago
You are the best !
Reviewed by kingof13 5 months ago
Kayce is my person, she is the best. Thanks Kayce!!!
Reviewed by makr_33 11 months ago
Perfect !
Reviewed by guynaor over 1 year ago
she was energetic and she has great hand coordination ill use her again
Reviewed by unclebill over 3 years ago
Great service! Thanks a million
Reviewed by cavakia almost 4 years ago
she is fun cute and a pro
Reviewed by homerun99 almost 4 years ago
Great job!! thank you very much... amazing video! :)
Reviewed by levyroy almost 4 years ago
you ACED it........thank you
Reviewed by tcpssecurity almost 4 years ago
Great!!! Highly recommend getting this gig.
Reviewed by octrainer about 4 years ago
tweet your message to 100,000 people
tweet your message to 100,000 people
tweet your message to 100,000 people
tweet your message to 100,000 people
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About This Gig

YOUR message goes out to my loyal and active followers! I'd like to tweet a link to your site or any message you want me to say to my 100,000+ followers AND GROWING! I never delete your promotion! I've been on Twitter since 2007!

FAQ: >>
What are your friends interested in?
  • Handmade crafts
  • Eco-friendly stuff
  • Animals
  • Recipes
  • Jokes
  • Interesting Pictures
  • Fun Content
  • Funny or Cute videos
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Weird News
  • Quotes they can relate to

Remember, these are REAL people who like interesting things. They don't like ads.

I lose followers when I post things that look too salesy. See my gig extras below. I can create a KILLER line of text that will make your promotion seem as though it's coming from my voice, and isn't just another ad.

How many visits/favorites/clicks will I get from the message?
I would love to guarantee that you'll get hundreds or thousands, but again, I cannot force anyone's hand to click on your address. This is why it is important for your message to be appealing to many people.

Will you tweet my MLM link?
Yes, but again, I can't guarantee who will click on it once it is posted.

Don't forget to check out my other great gigs for all your promotional needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you prove my link was posted? Can I see your Twitter?
    You will get a LIVE link that shows all the action your tweet got as soon as I've posted it.
  • How long until you tweet my message?
    I have lots of orders, therefore lots of messages to send out. In order to maintain authenticity and keep my Twitter clean (instead of bombarding people with ads), I like to spread out the amount of tweets I send in an hour. So just wait patiently; I won't exceed the stated delivery time. :)