I will positive ebay feedback or traffic for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
positive ebay feedback or traffic
positive ebay feedback or traffic

About This Gig

Get a positive feedback for you ebay  store to bring more future potential clients.

I will buy an item costing not more then $2.00 in your store and leave a positive feedback.

Gig extras:

I will send real traffic to your eBay listing in order to inflate the page views/counter.

For only $5 you get 1,000 page views for 1 auction. You can order more views below! I can also 'drip' views daily to make it seem natural - see below.


Which type of auction does this work on?
This works with both Buy It Now (BIN) and normal auctions.

Do you need access to my account?
No. Just provide me the auction url.

Is this safe?
Yes. I've been doing this for a year, and have experienced no issues.

Note: This gig is only meant to inflate your eBay page count.