I will perform a Karma Spell

perform a Karma Spell
perform a Karma Spell

About This Gig

this is a gig on Karma spell

This spell will cast good karma on you. 
If you did something bad, this is the best way to counter the negative energy you have created for yourself. 
This will either create good karma if you karma level is neutral, or cancel out any bad karma. 

You can also cast this spell on someone know you who needs help.

This gig is best for:
  • If you did anything wrong and know karma is coming for you
  • Committed any crime
  • Have done anything that you feel was morally wrong
  • Want to create a positive karma situation for yourself.
  • Cancels out bad / negative karma

Not all spellcasters knows how to do this spell I have been doing karma spells for years.I'm a professional at all spells. This karma spell will cancel out anything you done negative within the past 6 months. If u done something last year that's a more powerful karma spell which I can do also. 

U must contact me first anything after 6 months. 

I aslo do removal of karma also on past lives - please contact me for this request
[please inbox me for getting offers at discount rates]

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6 days delivery

Karma Spell

Karma Spell is for the Purification of the soul's which important for a Spell's Success