I will teach you Arabic via Skype

teach you Arabic via Skype
teach you Arabic via Skype
teach you Arabic via Skype

About This Gig

My name, Muhammad Fouad, a teacher of the Arabic language to non- native speakers with over 11 years of experience as a teacher. In the past few years I could build excellent reputation teaching Arabic through various online marketplaces, My student say that I'm professional, kind, nice and patient. 

My educational background includes:
A Bachelor in the Arabic language from Darululoom college, Cairo university, in 2002. 
High diploma in Education, Zaqazeeq university, 2003
Hight diploma in Islamic studies, higher institute of Islamic studies in 2010. 

I'm offering you the easiest and fastest way to learn the beautiful Arabic language, weather you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced  you will find what you are looking for in my Arabic sessions. 

I can teach the Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Egyptian,Media Arabic, Grammar, literature, Arabic for Business. 

Book you an hour-long session with me on Fiverr now for only $5 !

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One-on-One tutoring: Arabic

In This course I teach All levels At the end of this session, you'll get a fluency in Arabic.

1 day delivery