I will design professional facebook cover, Timeline for $5

design professional facebook cover, Timeline
design professional facebook cover, Timeline

About This Gig

Are you seeking a beautiful website or social media(facebook, twitter, etc.) banner or header for an affordable price?

Well.. We are an experienced graphic designer.

we will design a header or banner for your site or social page. You will receive a static header/banner(PNG, JPG PSD) in one size. 

3 Days Fast Delivery Guarantee with superior quality

Also check out my gig extras i.e. 1 day delivery just +$5(per cover)!

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Before you order you need to prepare:

  1. Explain details of design you want (such as niche, title, tagline, color etc.)
  2. if you do not have an idea, you just send your URL website or your social media.
  3. The specific text(& fontype) you wish to include, along with any button text.
  4. If you have any references / like the design you want, please send me URL or file
  5. if you have images/logo you want to use in design please send via attachment
  6. Any logos, images or graphics(which I can provide if you don't mind stock images/vectors)
  7. The precise dimension in pixels or inches (width by height).

I will design professional facebook cover, Timeline. 

If you need design soacial other media, please check on my extra gig.

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