I will translate 600 words in under 24h for Hebrew and English

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translate 600 words in under 24h for Hebrew and English

About This Gig

«« Only $5 for 600 words »»
«« 24 Hours Delivery Guaranteed »»
«« Deliveries on average within 12 hours »»
«« Average response time of less than one hour »»
«« All translations are performed manually, word-to-word »»

Hi ya'll! I'm a native speaker of both English and Hebrew currently based in Austria, and have plenty of experience in translating between these two beautiful languages. I'm a holder of a BBA degree from the University of Vienna, but have worked in various fields and have extensive knowledge in many areas. Whatever the subject is, I always do my research, and I am very thorough

My rates:

Up to 600 words = $5
For each additional 300 words = $5

Delivery times:

Up to 600W
Guaranteed within 24H, usually delivered within 6-12H

Up to 1800W
Guaranteed within 36H, usually delivered within 12-24H

Up to 3000W
Guaranteed within 48H, usually delivered within 24-36H

Times are dependent on the complexity of the text - if your text is simple the "usually delivered" part is often true, if it requires research and deeper understanding, the guaranteed times are usually the correct ones.

My rules:

  • For jobs over 1200 words, please contact me in advance
  • Please don't book my gig if your text is handwritten

Order Details

Standard Translation

5$ for the first 600 words, then an extra $5 for each additional 300 words. 12-24h Delivery!

  • Proofreading
1 day delivery unlimited Revisions
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What languages can you translate?
    I can translate between Hebrew and English
  • Do you proofread?
    Of course, whatever you're getting, rest assured I would not let it out before having it reviewed several times.
  • How much time is needed to provide the translated text?
    In 99% of cases I will provide the translated document WITHIN 24 HOURS. In special cases I might require a bit more. Any delay information will be communicated immediately.