I will teach you Spanish for 2 days

teach you Spanish for 2 days

About This Gig

I will teach you Spanish 1hour/day, for 2 days (5 if you click on the extra gig) for $5. Gig includes:

*A one-hour long lessons each day.
*Send you aid material to practice (Any books you like, we could read it in both languages at the same time!, exercises for you to practice, maybe music if that's your thing)
*A very light conversation while learning in a simple and fun way.

Special extra gig:

*3 more days of Spanish lessons for only $5!

Stuff you might wanna know:
Native speaker, several months of experience (almost a year!), lessons will take place on Skype, I love teaching creative people.. Creatively!, currently studying modern languages at IUTAV, Venezuela.

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2 days delivery