I will beta your story outline

beta your story outline
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About This Gig

 Maybe you are feeling a little weary at your story idea before you actually write, and want to see if it has the potential to go somewhere?

Let me help! I have been beta reading short stories, novellas, novels, e-books, fan fiction, and more for years, as well as being a life-long avid reader. My age group and gender are among the top book buying groups.

Here's how I can help you!

If you have an outline of your plot and story ideas, I can look it over, and let you know...
  • My impressions of your story
  • Whether or not I think there is a market for it
  • What I would like to see happen in the story
  • Ideas for character development
  • Any other specific feedback you want to know

See my Beta Reading gig for reviews and examples on full projects I've worked on.
I also offer blurb writing after you have finished your project!

Feel free to message me with any questions!

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5 days delivery


Beta Reading of Story Outline

  • Up to 1000 Words