I will get You 5,000 Dollars On PPC Ads And Ads Group

get You 5,000 Dollars On PPC Ads And Ads Group

About This Gig

promising to teach you how to make money on ppc network, AdWords Certified Individual in both Advanced Search and Advanced Display and work with best practices through the Google Certified Partner program.

DONT BURN your hard earn money just because you dont have experience in Adwords.. 
Leverage expert's experience to avoid making mistakes. Basic $5 Gig Includes:

  • Research of your landing page content.
  • Ad group title.
  • 10 - 25 keywords in broad match modified, phrase and exact match types.
  • 2 text ads.

The ads, ad group title, ad text and keywords will all be created with maximum relevance to each other and your landing page. This will improve your quality score, ultimately earning your ads higher positions with lower cost per click.

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