I will be the ear to listen

be the ear to listen
be the ear to listen

About This Gig

  • Are you a lonely person?No one to talk/chat.No one listen to your stories.
  • Have you done something wrong?I mean, you have done something stupid to your best friend.So you lost your best friend.
  • Have you got low marks for your term test or any other test?So your parents,family members and even your friends are scolding you.
  • You want to sing a song or play an instrument.But there is no one to listen.
  • You lost your parent/friend/brother or sister and you need to talk with someone who will listen to your grief/sorrow.
  • If there is no help from your monks or teacher etc.

So I'm here to listen anything.If you want someone who is unknown to you ,I'm the person you are looking for.You can tell anything (not adult things) over Skype,Googletalk etc. or even you can chat with me via Facebook,Twitter...I think you can say anything to a person who is unknown to you than to a person you already know. 

So if want a person like that I'm at your disposal.I'll listen to you for 30 minutes via Skype or  Googletalk (or any other chatting service) per gig. 

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3 days delivery