I will explain Jamaican reggae song lyrics

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Ever heard a Jamaican reggae or dancehall song and you loved the beat but couldn't figure out what in blazes they were talking about? Wouldn't you like to be able to confidently sing along and know the meaning of the words?

That's where I come in. For $5, I'll provide the lyrics for TWO of your favourite Jamaican reggae songs in patois. For $10, I'll translate the lyrics to standard English with annotations where necessary so that you can fully understand them. The end product is a Microsoft Word document that will help you to refine your Jamaican accent. Here's a sample of my skills and there's an example of a translated song with annotations in the Gallery:

Yuh eva ah listen a Jamaican reggae or dancehall song yet an' yuh love how it soun' but yuh nuh know weh dem ah talk bout? Don't yuh woulda want fi sing it wid confidence and know weh yuh a sing seh?

Ah my ting dat. Fi five dolla, mi wi gi yuh di lyrics fi TWO ah yuh favourite chune inna patwa. Fi ten dolla, mi wi translate dem fi yuh inna straight English. Mi wi write some note beside di lyrics dem to, so yuh can fully undastan' wah gwaan. Wen mi done, mi wi sen' yuh a Word file weh wi help yuh ketch di yardie accent.

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Provide lyrics for two reggae songs

I will provide the lyrics for two Jamaican reggae songs in patois.

3 days delivery