I will make it possible in The Philippines

make it possible in The Philippines

About This Gig

--In this gig I can provide you a  Research in the Phil market that fits to your needs 
-I can also buy you any items such as Filipino goodies, recipe ingredients (available only in the Phil), any items fro the Phil, postcards with tagalog letter and send it to you.
--Tagalog, Waray Bisaya, Bicol dialects to English vice versa translation
--I can also provide you a Trusted tourist and company to guide you depends on your preference. (can provide you their government ID's NBI or Police clearance for your assurance and safety)

-- We also offer Car Service a better alternative to the public metered taxi in terms of safety, honest rates and cleanliness. It is also a cheaper alternative to Hotel Limousine and Taxi Service. The rates to Metro Manila destinations are fixed

- I can also help you find a place here in the Philippines and assist you to get Tourist package according to your budget. I can arrange your vacation itinerary according to the proposal we settled. 

--If you plan on moving in the Philippines I can also help you to get a permanent place (very affordable unit or apartment are also available)

Order Details

2 days delivery
Gig Paused