I will design your crowdfunding campaign

design your crowdfunding campaign
design your crowdfunding campaign

About This Gig

Regardless of whether you’re a business, fledgling artist, professional, sports star or stay-at-home mom, there’s an entrepreneur in you! In a digitally-integrated economy, approaching banks or acquisitive venture capitalists is so yesterday — cash flows, ratios, profit margins or order books are no longer prerequisites — all you need is passion! With help from a caring, cheerful audience, take your idea to market faster and cost-effectively without breaking the bank or selling off the family silver. On platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, every day, aspiring entrepreneurs see their ideasapps, books, boutique stores, charitable causes, innovative services, hi-tech products, restaurants, and many more — come to fruition with patronage from the digital natives. Use this gig to join the ranks of entrepreneurs such as Francis Ocansey, who launched mobile-enabled platforms to enhance the gig economy, and Gurneet Dhillon, who leveraged on a global supply chain to entwine business and ethics in an innovative model. Get in touch to discuss your project today!  


Each gig includes:

  • A lucid exposition of your idea (100 words)
  • Embedded marketing & finance
  • Recommendations for media