I will cast a powerful magick spell of your choice

cast a powerful magick spell of your choice

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Description Powerful Candle Magick Spell Candle and Crystal Magick Spell Deluxe Candle & Crystal Magick
  I will cast a powerful candle magick spell for you. Custom spells, written by me to suit your needs. I will cast a powerful candle magick spell for you with the aid of relevant crystals. I will use relevant crystals and a 3-Day candle inscribed with relevant runes. Herbal incense, also.
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About This Gig

This spell is for any need you might have. You may want help with encouraging the Universe or a higher power to grant you health, wealth, protection, love, or something else. I will use magick to direct energies in a way that helps manifest your goal in reality. I custom write every spell every time.

Note that a precise love spell may infringe on free will, which is unethical; however, I can attempt to attract the person with whom you are most compatible. This may not always be the person you first expect/hope.

The basic package is a simple but powerful candle magick spell using a spell candle inscribed with a relevant rune. This includes a custom spell and 30 minutes of meditation on manifesting your goal.

The mid-tier package is everything the basic package includes, but with an additional rite using relevant crystals for your goal.

The premium package is similar to the mid-tier package, only using a large, glass-encased three-day (stronger) candle. I will mark it with your name and appropriate runes. I will also perform the rite with the crystals as well as burn herbal incense appropriate for your particular spell.

For legal reasons, this Gig is for entertainment purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you anoint your candles?
    Yes, I use appropriate essential oils to anoint all spell candles. Three-day candles also include appropriate herbs.
  • Are there better times for certain spells than others?
    Yes. Both the phase of the moon and the day of the week can affect spell effectiveness. If you don't mind waiting, I can tell you when the next ideal time to cast your spell will be and I can do it then instead. This way, your spell will have the strongest chance for success.
  • The picture shows Tarot cards; do you use those for spells, too?
    Yes, when it is appropriate I pull a suitable card from the deck and meditate with it. For instance, I might use the Ace of Pentacles for a spell to get a new job.