I will use rune stones to help you find your ideal path

use rune stones to help you find your ideal path
use rune stones to help you find your ideal path

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Description Single rune pull Three-rune spread Seven-rune spread and single Tarot
  An analysis of what the rune wants you to know about your life. Like the Tarot, this can be used for general, past-present-future, or mind-body-spirit readings. This cross spread gives an in-depth look at what you're missing. Tarot card pull for theming.
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This gig offers three variants of rune stone readings. The basic package is a single rune pull, the mid-tier package is a three-rune spread, and the premium package is a seven-rune spread with a single Tarot card pull. You can either ask the runes a specific non-yes/no question, or, much like Tarot readings, you can opt for a more general topic reading. Default format is text, unless the video upgrade is purchased.

I use blue goldstone Elder Futhark rune stones. They are my favorite set and I find them to be quite accurate and helpful. Even a single rune can provide great insight into what you may be missing.

If I ask the runes a specific question, I always use crystals to adjust the energy accordingly. For example, if I wanted to ask a question regarding my psychic development, I might use amethyst, labradorite, or perhaps moonstone.

For legal reasons, this Gig is for entertainment purposes only.