I will find You Profitable Longtail Keyword

find You Profitable Longtail Keyword

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SEO Optimization
Seller will optimize on-site & on-page issues in your website
Tailored Action Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve the website's ranking
SEO Report
Seller will review your website and write a SEO Report showing the site's critical problems
Competitors Analyzed
Seller will analyze the number of the competitive websites indicated
3 9
Keywords Analyzed
Seller will perform keyword analysis on the indicated amount of keywords
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The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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About This Gig

Longtail keywords are longer more specific phrases that visitors use when they’re closer to making a purchase. Longtail Phrases are easier to rank for and usually less competitive.

Just give me your kwd & Get a List of Longtails for your KW Phrase Containing:

  • Avg. CPC
  • LOCal Searches
  • Advertiser Competition
  • Google Title Competition

Get profitable less competitive much easier to rank for kwds.

Add Gig Extra that Perfectly Complements this Gig:

Know your Keyword Competitiveness for all of your longtails with an easy to understand report with a number range of 0 - 100. With 0 being Very Easy to rank & 100 being XXDifficult.

No guessing, know which phrases to go after:

0 - 10 - No competition
10 - 20 - Extremely low competition
20 - 30 - Low competition
30 - 40 - Moderate competition
40 - 50 - Somewhat High Competition
50 - 60 - Very High competition
60 - 70 - Extremely High Competition
70 - 100 - Don't even think about it!