I will cast a powerful love spell

cast a powerful love spell
cast a powerful love spell

About This Gig

I will cast a love spell, which will bring you closer to you true love.

Be warned that this spell will not make some one love you. This is not a spell to force someone to love you. Rather, it will amplify the love that is within them. It will make their love match your love.  It will awaken them to the love they have for you.  I will make them realize that they love you.

This gig is perfect for the shy person who needs the affection of their heart to notice them and see them as more than a warm friend.

This gig is perfect for people in relationships who need to stir the love of their partners. This spell will re kindle the love within you both.


If you do not buy this gig, please send me a note and I will include you in my daily incantations. This will send you love which you will feel throughout the day. There is no cost for this. Just think of it as my gift of love to you