I will cast a spell to bring you money

cast a spell to bring you money
cast a spell to bring you money

About This Gig

I will cast a money spell on you, which will attract money to you.

The essential forces of the physical world and the spiritual world are always trying to find balance. This is the central element of witchcraft. We seek to create balance in the world.

We all know that the world is economically out of balance. As a witch, I am seeking to influence the balance of the economic world. My spell will balance the world by sending you money, by diverting money away from those that have too much.

Those people often use spells to attract money to them. Use the same spells that make them rich to increase your fortune. All I ask is that you use the money for good.

If you do not buy this gig, please send me a note and I will include you in my daily incantations. This will send you love which you will feel throughout the day. There is no cost for this. Just think of it as my gift of love to you.   

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