I will edit audio for podcast

edit audio for podcast

About This Gig

We Offer These Services;
  • Add intro, outro, adds, music to your podcast.
  • Cut unwanted parts , long pauses,stutters, umm's and other stuff.
  • Normalize your podcast,so you have consistent volume levels.
  • Remove your backgoround noise
  • Perform any other edits to your specifications 
  • Our final work can be converted in any format that you like.You will receive the master in High Quality MP3 at 320KBPS,  plus a Wav or AIFF File (Your Choice),

keeping the highest possible Quality at no extra cost 

What Your Master Will Get;
-Noise reduction
-De-esser (reducing excess sibilance "ess'' and "shh'' sounds)  

If You Have Any Question,Let Us Know!

we are passionate about what we do, and we hope we can work together to get your project up to the highest quality it can be.