About This Gig

** PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU ORDER ** **** I will change your voice from a audio and or video file that you supply into 4 different files (man, woman, child, and robot). I know you are already one of these, but I can truly make you sound like a different man or woman. ***** I do want you to be happy with your order, and to make sure you are happy... I will change any of them how you wish... If something is off or does not sound right, let me know how you would like it to sound. I am sorry, for legal reasons I can not morph your voice into someone else that exists on earth and only morph it to be different than the one you are using right now. *** When you do send your vocal file, please use the highest quality mic you have at home and do the recording in a silent room. I can remove some Hiss and Hum from your audio files, but sometimes I can not because it would distort your voice too much to even matter. The less quality of your audio or video's audio file will require more time as I remove background aspects out of your voice. If you plan to sing, request a quick Auto-Tune no extra charge.** I can analyze your vocal free of charge & send U a list of voices I can do 4 U