I will paint your animals portrait

paint your animals portrait
paint your animals portrait
paint your animals portrait

About This Gig

Before ordering please read the following.
*Please discuss details and prices with me before placing your order.*
  1.  Choose one of 3 digital art styles: Oil painting, Vector Illustration, and Watercolor. 
  2. Send me a good picture of your animal (higher resolution = better result).
  3.  If you order an additional gig, you can choose a different background for me to paint your pet in. Please send that photo as well,  or I can personally choose a background for your pet that matches the lighting and angle if you specify what sort of setting you are looking for.
  4.  For the Illustration style, I will only do flat or very simple backgrounds. Simply contact me with the color you want. This does not count as an extra gig.
  5.  One animal for One gig. Place 2 orders for 2 animals, etc.

Note: I own the copyright of my work for promotions, or any other use. You need to buy my copyright removal by placing another gig if you want to use the image for your business. 

Feel free to contact me first before placing your order if you have any questions or suggestions.  You can also contact me if you feel your portrait needs adjustments.

Thanks! I look forward to painting your pet! :)