I will do php script or mysql for you for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
do php script or mysql for you
do php script or mysql for you

About This Gig


I can create fully working PHP forms, styled with css.All the forms will be validated as you wish. e.g. validate only email or validate username,email etc.
I can also make the form responsive so that it can be viewed by mobile /tablet and still look great.If you want the form to be responsive please say it when you contact me!
I can also create polls/surveys, that prevent people from voting multiple times(only 1 vote per person).

The information from the form can be send via e-mail  or/and  be stored in a database.


  • Simple form with up to 5 inputs costs 1gig(5$)
  • Forms that have 6-10 inputs cost 2gigs(10$)
  • See gig extras for more info.

**Please contact with me before placing your order!**