About This Gig

Who enjoys checking their Facebook page on their birthday and seeing the same lame, "HBD, man" from 100 people anymore? It has lost its luster, so break the mold by ordering my gig!

Wearing nothing but my AWESOME Moustache and Mandolin (and white thong), this Grizzly Man will create a personalized Happy Birthday video for a friend of your choosing. 

When you order with me, you get:

  1. My guarantee that your friends will be floored by the video and remember YOUR Happy Birthday message over those other lame "HBD"-ers out there.
  2. A FAST delivery time: I have 1000 first names (sorry, no last names) ready to send out, so you know that your shipping time will be FAST as I do not need to create content on demand like other gigs. If you are concerned about your friend's name being on my list, message me to verify before ordering and I'll be happy to let you know.  Also, by buying my gig, you get a non-exclusive license to use my videos for personal, non-commercial purposes. I retain all copyrights and trademarks associated with the videos, but by all means want you to enjoy them amongst family and friends!

All videos are in .MP4 format and under 20 MB.

Order now!