I will perform an aura reading for you

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perform an aura reading for you

About This Gig

The aura is the “energy field” that emanates from and surrounds all living things. Science has shown that the human body does in fact give off certain radiations, including electromagnetic emanations (from the electrical activity of the nerves), chemical emissions, sonic waves, etc. The aura is the psychic/spiritual energy that emanates from every living thing. By looking at a person's aura, we can see and diagnosed problems.

What this "Aura Test" does, is allow you to know what color your aura is and what personality traits that brings to you. What personality traits and behaviors may be negative to your good fortune and what traits are actually helping you to move forward on your life path.

Examples of reasons you have an aura reading performed:
Chronic bad luck (is there a curse haunting you?)
Frequent illness (is it a spiritual illness or physical?)
Always in a bad mood
and Many More.

Reasons to have someone else's aura analyzed:
Could your girl/boy/etc. cheat on you (is it "in them" to cheat?)
Is there a reason why your child is acting out
Why ______ did what they did
Why ______ always has such good luck and you don't
and Many More.