I will sell you an electronic copy of my travel size spell book

sell you an electronic copy of my travel size spell book

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Description Electronic Copy of my Spell Book Electronic Copy of book AND add on Hard Copy travel size book of spell
  An electronic copy of my travel sized book of spells. An e-copy of my travel book of spells AND email notice of spells I deem worthy to add to the book. A handwritten, hard copy, of my travel size book of spells.
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About This Gig

Over 30 spells included!

This is a electronic copy of my very own travel size Book of Spells. It includes each and every spell that is in my travel size book of spells (eg. My favorite spells).

The idea is to offer a "starter" Book of Shadows, allowing you to add spells, ceremonies and etc. to the included spells. The electronic copy allows you to rewrite the spells in your own handwriting and in a book of your choice, or simply keep it on your computer.

Spells Include:
  • Hurt Me No More Spell
  • Change of Attitude Spell
  • Home/Hearth Cleansing Spell
  • Clear Bad Luck/Jinx/Curse/etc.
  • Protection Stone Blessing Spell
  • Respect Stone Blessing Spell
  • Return To Sender Spell
  • Luck Spell
  • Wealth, Happiness and Health Spell
  • Spell To See The Truth
  • Harmony, Beauty, Healing and Courage Spells
  • And more!

Legal Stuff:
I must request that you not resell these spells.
I am selling a copy of the spells only. I am not selling the resale rights to these spells.
Please understand these spells are the property of their authors ( either myself or others who have said I may resell the spells); as such I am not giving permission for redistribution, resale, mass-sharing, etc.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.