I will edit Clips or Snips of Your Audio

edit Clips or Snips of Your Audio

About This Gig

Do you need a quick, cost-efficient way to trim, edit, or even reduce slight hiss or noise on your audio file?  Look no further!

For only $5, I'll edit your audio file for whatever you need.  I've helped people with things as simple as clipping out a few words at the very end of their audio presentation to adding reverb, effects, and music to an entire meditation file and everything in between.

I'm a musician, recording artist and producer with the ability to get you a quick turnaround in under 3 days on most projects!

The basic gig is intended for either basic changes to a file (chop out a couple things, do a quick noise reduction of the full file, etc.) up to 10 minutes in length.  I do longer or more in-depth work up to 25 min.  See gig extras.

Does it sound like what you need isn't covered?  One perk of picking any gig of mine is that I'm a rare seller that's willing to go the extra mile and customize gigs down to the smallest detail for my customers, and I won't charge huge amounts extra just because your request isn't listed in my normal gig.  Just ask and I'm sure I can work out something more than affordable for you!

Send me a message first, and we'll get started!

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Edit Your Audio

I'll edit or modify an audio file to your liking.