I will proofread and copy edit your english book or ebook

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bb19403 about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dirkrolland about 1 month ago
What I appreciated most was her quick responses to any of my inquiries. I feel good about what I have seen thus far and we will surely work together again!
Reviewed by christopher413 about 2 months ago
Awesome seller who did a great job editing my ebook! Thanks!
Reviewed by lunawolf6 about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mariossavva about 2 months ago
It was a fantastic experience working with Marina. Her communication was always very clear and friendly, and she took the time to offer lots of personal advice and feedback. Her comments and suggests for my writing were detailed and very helpful.
Reviewed by mariaelizabeth8 2 months ago
Marina was fantastic! She gave great feedback that was honest and helpful. I appreciate the care she took to elevate the contents of my book, while respecting my voice and style. She gave updates throughout the process that eased my worries. Thank you Marina!
Reviewed by cmasong 3 months ago
Very professional delivery of corrections and even incorporated texts. Communication is very smooth and kind. Will be working with Marina for my magazine on regular basis.
Reviewed by sietskec 3 months ago
Marina, is excellent at what she does but what I loved the most about this gig was the fact that even after delivery I can ask countless questions and marina is all to willing to answer and offer guidance. your the only person I will use on fiverr!
Reviewed by fahmida3 about 2 months ago
Reviewed by aristos5 3 months ago
Satisfactory Experience
Reviewed by itsaurelieg 3 months ago
Excellent experience, very professional service and I will use for future books
Reviewed by timcoates396 3 months ago
Marina is EXCELLENT to work with, she is very conscientious as well. Highly recommend her!
Reviewed by steveo7 3 months ago
Marina is a professional with a quick response time. She delivers exactly what she promises. Thank you Marina!
Reviewed by wumikim 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sofieanne 5 months ago
I had an Ebook that is over 9000 words, which needed proofreading and copy editing. I talked to Marina before I ordered and she responded quickly, with suggestions of how I could make my Ebook better. This was all before I even ordered! She was kind and generous, and somehow she caught all of my numerous mistakes. Highly recommend. Will Buy again.
Reviewed by thepawshub 5 months ago
Marina she is incredible. The best one I've found so far !
Reviewed by emilstyle 6 months ago
great communication and a pro!
Reviewed by stephen_drummer 7 months ago
proofread and copy edit your english book or ebook
proofread and copy edit your english book or ebook

About This Gig

First, let me tell you that your search for a TOP QUALITY freelancer to PROOFREAD & EDIT your Book or eBook is finally over; I am only one click away!

Reasons for Choosing Me to Proofread & Edit your Book:

  • Two Proficiency Certificates in English (Cambridge & Michigan Universities, 1999)
  • A certified English Teacher (2000)
  • Level-2 seller―100% positive feedback!
  • My love & passion is English (translating, proofreading, editing)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
  • Delivery in two Word Docs (edits visible & incorporated respectively)
  • Always over delivering (Check the reviews). A real value for money!
  • Outstanding Customer Service!

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Syntax, improper Sentence Structure, poor Vocabulary, Clarity & Flow. Showing respect to your unique voice, I perform the changes or make improvement suggestions on highlighted issues.

Note: It is imperative that you contact me first before ordering.

I usually reply within an hour; thus having an instant conversation with me should be a breeze. So let's talk & see what your book's needs are & how soon we can have it ready.

Go ahead then & send the first message! I'll be happy to help!

Order Details

7 days delivery 1 Revision

Proofreading-Copy Editing for Books

From $5/750 words. Price is proportional to the extent of the work needed. Always contact me first.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't understand. Does this gig actually cost so much?
    This price is indicative. Each book or ebook is unique, therefore, a prior discussion about it is a must. Just message me first, uploading your book. Then, I will take a look at it and will let you know how much work and time it needs and what the overall cost will be.
  • What is the cost for this work?
    Price starts at $5/750 words & is proportional to the extent of the work needed and the requested timeframe. I will be happy to give you a personal quote, so let's talk!
  • What is the ordering process?
    It is imperative that you contact me first before ordering, attaching your manuscript for faster evaluation. I will take a look at it and inform you of the kind of work it needs, the timeframe for it, and the overall price. If you agree, I will send you a custom offer to seal the deal.
  • In what format should my copy be?
    I only accept copies in Word format. No PDF, please.
  • Do you offer rewriting, rephrasing, formatting or writing services?
    If a text or a sentence is poor and weak but makes sense, I can improve it with a stronger vocabulary and better sentence structure. Needless to say, if a sentence does not make sense, rewriting or rephrasing will be impossible. I do not do writing from scratch nor formatting.
  • What types of books you accept?
    The types of books I work on are novels, novellas, erotica, romance, biographies, fiction or non-fiction, and many more. No poetry, please. Contact me for any questions.
  • Can you proofread in Australian English?
    Aussies mostly use British English as it also happens in some parts of Canada while some other parts use American English. So, depending on the customer's request, I can provide the respective variant of the English language.
  • Do you accept copies with Technical / Legal / Medical Terms?
    For Technical / Legal / Medical content, contact me first. I will be able to give you an answer as soon as I take a look at it.
  • My document is transcribed or my English is poor. Can I still order?
    Better contact me first, but generally, a document that lacks verbs, objects/subjects, etc. or has words randomly placed is not possible to be read, let alone checked and corrected. If I just described your document, my apologies, but this gig is not for you.
  • What does the copy editing include?
    Copy editing includes Improvements in Clarity, Flow, and Sentence Structure & Enhancement of Poor Text and Vocabulary. Repetitions and incorrect word order are also taken care of.