I will proofread and edit 5000 words

proofread and edit 5000 words
proofread and edit 5000 words
proofread and edit 5000 words
proofread and edit 5000 words
proofread and edit 5000 words
proofread and edit 5000 words

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  Proofread & Edit up to 5.000 words if your Weak Points are Spelling & Punctuation. Proofread & Edit up to 5.000 words if your Weak Points are Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar & Syntax. Edit up to 5.000 words. The Standard + Feedback, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary, Rewrite Poor Text.
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
5000 5000 5000
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 1
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About This Gig

First, let me tell you that I have good & best news for you! The good news is that your search for the Best Quality Proofreading Gig on Fiverr is finally over! The best news is that you're on it!


  • 5000 words!
  • Delivery in two Word Docs (1 edits visible & 1 incorporated)
  • Always overdelivering (Check the reviews)
  • Three proofreading Packages customized according to your weak points (syntax, grammar, feedback, vocabulary, structure, rewriting) See FAQ below
  • Gig Extras:
  1. Extra Fast
  2. Additional Words
  3. My feedback on weaknesses
  4. Bundle of Services for thorough editing
  5. Proofread Your Website

Why Should You Choose Me To Be Your Proofreader?

  1. Two Proficiency Certificates in English, from Cambridge & Michigan Universities, since 1999
  2. Extremely perfectionist
  3. I love what I do; anything & everything English (writing, translating, proofreading)
  4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
  5. Your five-star review is missing!
  6. I may be joking, but I'm not kidding!

Web sites of up to 5K words = Proofreading Package + gig extra for websites
For 2000 words, visit: http://bit.ly/2000_Words

I'm always open to hearing your custom requests or questions. I do reply within an hour.

So, now you know! Go ahead then & order away!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see your Gig Extras?
    You can view the Gig Extras after you click on "Proceed To Order" button. Then, you can adjust your order according to your specific needs.
  • If I don't want to order the basic gig, but I'm interested in only one of your Gig Extras as a unique service, how can I order it?
    If you don't need proofreading or editing, but you want only one or two of my Gig Extras as a separate service on its own, then you can send me a message where you will inform me of what Gig Extras you need, and we can agree on a custom order after that.
  • If I need proofreading for 20000 words, can I order the Basic Package 4 times (multiples)?
    Generally, no package should be ordered more than 2 times (in the same order) to avoid late deliveries and cancellation. For such big volume orders, please contact me first to arrange the proper timeframe (the timeframe is not multiplied when you order multiples).
  • Can you give more info on what each of your packages offers?
    Basic - If your Weak Points are Spelling and Punctuation. Standard - Your Weak Points are Spelling, Punctuation, Syntax, and Grammar. Premium - Offers all the above, PLUS my Feedback on problematic areas, improvement of Clarity and Flow, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary Enhancement, and Rewriting.
  • Do you accept copies with Technical / Legal / Medical Terms?
    For Technical / Legal / Medical content, contact me first.
  • In what format should my copy be?
    I only accept copies in Word format. No PDF, please.
  • Do you offer rewriting services?
    Only in the Pro Package or as a gig extra, and if the sentence is weak. Needless to say, if a sentence does not make sense, rewriting will be impossible.
  • My document is transcribed or my English is poor. Can I still order?
    Better contact me first, but generally, a document that lacks verbs, objects/subjects, etc. or has words randomly placed is not possible to be read, let alone checked and corrected. If I just described your document, my apologies, but this gig is not for you.
  • Can you proofread in Australian English?
    I can proofread in all the variants of the English Language (British English, Canadian English, Australian English, American English) - the whole nine yards!
  • Why is this 5k-word gig's price much higher than your 2k gig?
    The 2k gig is made mainly for a test drive purpose, but its value is much higher. The actual prices for proofreading & editing are not so low generally. The 5k gig is still more affordable than other Level-2 5k gigs here, with the value in the work delivered still surpassing its price.