I will provide PROOFREADING and editing in 24hrs

provide PROOFREADING and editing in 24hrs
provide PROOFREADING and editing in 24hrs
provide PROOFREADING and editing in 24hrs

About This Gig

Need a SMART & FAST way to test the waters with my proofreading services? Great!

I will professionally perform my proofreading & editing magic on 1000 words in less than a day then. Cool?

Thorough & fast Proofreading on Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Syntax. The Proofreading copy will be delivered in two MsWord files, with edits visible & incorporated respectively.

For more services, choose your ideal Gig Extra!

Note: Because this gig has one-day delivery, it is strictly for up to 1000 words only!

For more words, there is a relevant gig extra or my other proofreading gig.
Websites of 1000 words: basic gig+gig extra for websites, $10. See FAQ below.
For questions, please contact me.

Why Choose Me for Proofreading & Editing:

  1. Two Proficiency Certificates in English, from Cambridge & Michigan Universities, since 1999
  2. One-Day Delivery! No extra cost!
  3. Extremely perfectionist (to the bone!)
  4. Passionate about English (talking, writing, translating, proofreading)
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
  6. So many satisfied customers can't be wrong.
  7. You'd want to add your five-star review too!

So, why wait? Order this proofreading gig now & get your copy thoroughly proofread faster than ever!

Order Details

Proofreading of 1,000 words

Proofreading: Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax errors, 1,000 words in 1 Day!

  • Up to 1000 Words
1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don't want to order the basic gig, but I'm interested in only one of your Gig Extras as a unique service, how can I order it?
    If you don't need proofreading or editing, but you want only one or two of my Gig Extras as a separate service on its own, then you can send me a message where you will inform me of what Gig Extras you need, and we can agree on a custom order after that.
  • If I need proofreading for 10.000 words, can I order the Basic Gig 10 times (multiples)?
    This Gig should not be ordered more than 1 time to avoid late deliveries and cancellation. For orders of more than 1000 words and up to 5000, feel free to contact me to give you a quote. For orders of 5.000 words or more, please see my other Gigs.
  • In what format should my copy be?
    I only accept copies in Word format. No PDF, please.
  • Do you offer rewriting services?
    Only as a Gig Extra. You can find it as an extra service in the Gig Extras area. Rewriting refers to weak sentences. Needless to say, if a sentence does not make sense, rewriting will be impossible.
  • My document is transcribed or my English is poor. Can I still order?
    Better contact me first, but generally, a document that lacks verbs, objects/subjects, etc. or has words randomly placed is not possible to be read, let alone checked and corrected. If I just described your document, my apologies, but this gig is not for you.
  • Can you proofread in Australian English?
    Aussies mostly use British English as it also happens in some parts of Canada while some other parts use American English. So, depending on the customer's request, I can provide the respective variant of the English language.
  • Do you accept copies with Technical / Legal / Medical Terms?
    For Technical / Legal / Medical content, contact me first.
  • Is the Gig Extra for Websites mandatory if I want to proofread my website or blog?
    It is when you do not provide your content in a Word document. If you provide it in a Word document, you do not have to purchase this Gig Extra.