I will master your music professionally in 24 hours

master your music professionally in 24 hours

About This Gig

I spend 2-15 hours to master each song and that’s what have made whith me is the number one firm in the online mastering field.

Why would you pay hundreds of dollars to recognized mastering houses when you can get the same or better quality for less money? 

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1 day delivery

Pro Track Mastering

My goal is to enhance music productions to compete with commercial music that’s being distributed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My song or files are too large to attach on Fiverr, how can I send you my material?
    You can upload your song or files to any file sharing site such as dropbox or wetransfer and then paste the download link in the order area. Fiverr doesn't allow E-Mail addresses to be traded, so you can just copy the download link, and easily paste it back here.
  • What is included in your standard $5 mastering gig?
    • Detailed Equalization • Multi-Band Compression • Noise Reduction (if necessary) • Dynamic Range Enhancement • Harmonic Saturation Processing • Stereo Imaging • Clarity boost & Warm low-end punch that may be missing from your flat mixes • Volume Maximization
  • What exactly is mastering?
    Mastering is a form of post-production, the final step that ensures your songs are the best they can be before you distribute them. The main goal is to enhance the frequencies that make your song more radio ready, and remove any "muddy" or problematic frequencies.
  • Can you explain the analog tape bounce option?
    Analog tape was a recording method used on many popular records of the past. Some engineers still use them because they are warm and thicken up the whole mix. It is more known to boost the bass region while naturally compressing the high end a bit. Generally, this is more pleasing to the ears.
  • Why are you different from LANDR?
    After analyzing their mastering approach with spectrum analyzers and visual EQ charts, it appears all they do is run heavy compression and limiting on your track (and their process is automated, there is no human involvement). With LANDR, you are just running your song through a preset method.