I will code a MetaTrader 4 Indicator or Expert Advisor

code a MetaTrader 4 Indicator or Expert Advisor
code a MetaTrader 4 Indicator or Expert Advisor
code a MetaTrader 4 Indicator or Expert Advisor

About This Gig

  We will need to pause the Gig briefly from 8th-11th 

We code MetaTrader 4 Indicators and Expert Advisors for traders.

In this Gig, you'll get:

  • Your custom Indicator or Expert Advisor
  • The full source code in MQL4
  • Support on usage basics

You are Guaranteed:

     Quality, extensible, modular and maintainable code.
     Professional IT standards: Specification - Development - QA - Delivery.


It's important to be clear on your requirements before starting, so contact us first using CONTACT ME.

  1. Contact us using CONTACT ME. Send detailed requirements.
  2. We'll quote the price, clarify Specifications and send a Gig Offer.
  3. Once you accept, we Develop, we QA, and we Deliver.


Our pricing structure delivers high-quality solutions that cost only as much as it's worth:

  • $20 base, all requests. Includes basic indicator (or enhancement) of 1-dimensional Value.
  • +$15 for each additional piece of Value.

See examples in our FAQ below.

Click CONTACT ME now to begin.

OFFER (Ended): Free Gift educational paper for our first 5 customers.

Order Details

Professional MT4 Coding

Base Price + 1 Dimension of Value

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is an Indicator that shows a Buy/Call Sell/Put signal?
    $20 for most requests, regardless of number of built-in or given custom indicators used. That's because it provides '1 dimension of Value' by signaling to you on your Buy/Sell condition. If you add an option for a 2nd condition for signal, it gives the Value of 2 indicators, so add $15 Extra Value.
  • What are some Pieces Of Value to add to my EA?
    Examples of $15 Pieces of Value: Trailing Stop module, Session Management module, Margin Management module, Lot Size by Risk Calculation module, Strategic Exit module (speak to us). Strategic/Maths Service Charge is applied if we are intervening in your Strategy.
  • Can I add to the Specifications after the Gig has started?
    Once you buy, we are in the Development Stage. To start another Specifications-Development-QA Cycle, you can buy a Revision (or new Gig, recommended) where you can Specify new requirements and get a quote for your evolving Specifications. Also see [Definition of 1 Gig] below.
  • I want a custom sound AND an Alert Popup
    MT4 does not allow both Alert Popup and a custom sound at the same time. The MT4 Alert Popup sound (under: Options - Events - Alert) will override any other sound.
  • [Definition of 1 Gig] - "I want to test my strategy"
    For 1 Gig, we do not do FREE revisions just because you change strategy after you try your Indicator/EA. Strategies will change all the time - that's trading. If we already did what you Specified, please Mark Complete and Review the work. Then order a new Gig for your new request so we can code it.