I will greenscreen Juggle a Chainsaw, Knives or Fire

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by elleneil about 2 years ago
This was the best gig i have bought off fiverr. Very very impressed. Thank you so much AAA+++
Reviewed by jessepress over 2 years ago
This is the most professional video that can be. thanks.
Reviewed by david301 almost 3 years ago
Best 10 bucks I ever spent - quick delivery and the video is soooo funny. Most original thing I have seen on fiverr - Everyone is gonna luv this!!!!!
Reviewed by neterben almost 3 years ago
greenscreen Juggle a Chainsaw, Knives or Fire
greenscreen Juggle a Chainsaw, Knives or Fire
greenscreen Juggle a Chainsaw, Knives or Fire

About This Gig

A greeting card was yesterday. GREENSCREEN meets Mr-Marcus

How about a 

  • chainsaw juggle, 
  • fireclub or 
  • firework juggle video

 in front of your home, office or in your living room.

I will sing Happy Birthday whislt juggling either;  

  • 2 knives and one running chainsaw or 
  • 3  knives or 
  • 3 flaming torches or 
  • 3 flaming torches with a firework on my head. 

And I will do this in front of your personal  image, pix or vid.

How? with greenscreen. I can superimpose my birthday singing video onto any personal  image, pix or vid that you send me.

Prices start at $5 juggling video with a black backround

  •  $5 extra and I will superimpose your personal  image, pix or vid  
  •  $5 extra for HD 
  •  $5 extra for a personalized tag 

The $5 Version is NOT a reshoot of the video!

YOU can pick and choose to meet YOUR special needs. 

Or, my "All In Deal"

If you wanna go all out and buy the "All in Deal", I will:

  • reshoot the whole video + do one of my stunts 
  • described above - pls add $100
  • + say or sing your personal script, up to 15 words
  • + use greenscreen - add another $100 which includes  your personal  pix + HD

Have a look at my package deals in the "Gig Extras"

Now that is something you dont see every day !