I will christmas firework singing

This is our second dealing with this supplier, brilliant every time. Thanks
Reviewed by neilplummer over 1 year ago
Thanks! This will be really fun to put on my cousin's Facebook page in a few weeks. Great idea.
Reviewed by supersailor about 3 years ago
Reviewed by profil_se about 3 years ago
Reviewed by profil_se about 3 years ago
Great Job, Thank you very much!
Reviewed by heebeegeebees over 3 years ago
Great job - delivered just like the sample video and sent through really quickly - thanks lots!!!
Reviewed by richbilt over 3 years ago
christmas firework singing
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About This Gig

100 % Top Rated Seller - Almost 1000 Videos in 1 Year and all with top reviews.************************************ My new Christmas Firework Singing Comedy***********************************************************The basic gig includes "Who this video is for" and "Who this video is from"******************************************* Gig extras include; 24 hour and 72 hour delivery, a message at the end of the video containing 60 chatecters / spaces or I can even reshoot the whole video and "speak or sing your own special script". ******************************************************************Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Winter Season. All the best, Mr-Marcus