I will fix window servers and wordpress websites

fix window servers and wordpress websites
fix window servers and wordpress websites

About This Gig

This GIG is all about to FIX, Windows Server, Websites Hosting Issues, Web Hosting Control Panels and other server related issues. This will also cover:

1) Set up Servers and Services 

2) Do Performance Tuning, Disk Space Problems, Server backups, Mail Servers, SQL Server backup and manage VPS or Dedicated servers on monthly basis.

3) Windows Server administration & troubleshooting

4) Web Server configurations, management and troubleshooting

5) Hosting Panels configuration & troubleshooting (Matrix, cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk) 

6) Mail Servers Administration

7) Install & configure SSL certificates

8) WordPress hosting & troubleshooting

9) Routers configuration and port forwarding

Not just the above - you can message me for any computer related problem. The GIG's cost will vary depending upon the job's complexity.

Please Contact me before Ordering, I'll be happy to assist you!!!

System Support, Technical Consultancy and Remote Support can be provided via Terminal Services, VNC, VPN and Teamviewer or any tool / software you feel comfortable with.

Order Details

1 day delivery


Basic level of server support 1 - Consultation 2- Sever maintenance 3. Server monitoring