I will write 0 to 500 prodigious words on any topic

write 0 to 500 prodigious words on any topic

About This Gig

I am offering to write articles, essays, reviews, comments and blogging pieces on any topic. I have a wide knowledge base gained through a passion for reading and a challenging internationally focused career.

I have a wide, diverse vocabulary which sets my work apart form the majority of other writing pieces on the internet. I am adept at presenting catching pieces on interesting topics in an innovative and intuitive manner.

Writing pieces which I find particularly enjoyable include:
- Health and well-being articles on any topic (diet, losing weight etc)
- Finance (saving money, earning cash online etc)
- Men's fashion (suit tailoring tips, casual attire and accessories           information)
- Science based articles, arguments or blogs
- Articles focusing on international affairs (e.g conflict, politics,             economics)
- Sub-culture: Movies, TV Shows, Books, Musics, Games etc
- Creative writing or storytelling on any topic