I will make html,css,php webpage fully Responsive

make html,css,php webpage fully Responsive

About This Gig

What I am going to give you?

* Cross Browser Compatibility
* Responsive Design
* Well Aligned Website Elements
* Tool to check my work yourself.

                                           - Important -

One static page will only cost you $5, but the site with more than one webpages or CMS (Content Management System) Based websites may cost more than $70 - $120.

Your website will be optimized for almost all the screen resolution are as following -

Desktop Views -
Tablet Views - 
Mobile Views -

Note- Tabular and 
Sliders forms are not accepted.

Moreover, I can hide those sliders in responsive designs for mobile and tablet views in order to maintain the website layout as it is.

Need discount?

Contact me, I will try to help you for sure. :) 

A best seller is on the way, you can help me to become one.