I will write a short poem too make you feel special

write a short poem too make you feel special

About This Gig

A poem for If you've ever felt upset. Or alone. Or angry. Or ugly. Or unloved. I will write you a poem, no matter what you're situation.
I've found through out my life, poetry has helped me. They can never take away words.
Nobody deserves to feel bad about themselves. My poems are there to make you feel better about yourself, to make you feel beautiful, or to make you feel motivated.
Items can be lost, words can never be taken away. Things can be stolen, words are eternal. 
Information about situation is not needed, although it can make the poem more personal to you, hair/eye colour or relation ship storey ect.
I hope if can make you feel beautiful, I hope I can make you feel special. 
I'll email it you :) 

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