I will clean and verify Email List in Just One Day

clean and verify Email List in Just One Day
clean and verify Email List in Just One Day

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  ✪ Clean up to 20K Mails ✪ ✪ Clean up to 65K Mails ✪ ✪ Clean up to 130K Mails ✪
Delivery time 1 day

About This Gig

100% Accurate & Clean Email verification Service Exclusively on Fiverr. 

Why do every marketer/mail sender has to keep his list hygiene ?

  • To stay away from blacklists
  • To keep ip/domain reputation high
  • To be able to send to inbox & open rates

How does it work?
Our system verifies email addresses against number of different validation starting from RFC syntax checking to the deep level SMTP testing of user inbox existence checking.

We will remove all of the following emails
  • Bounce Emails
  • Bad Emails
  • Duplicated Emails
  • Syntax Error Emails
  • MX Records Check
  • Died server Emails
  • Spam-Trap Emails
  • Unknown Emails
  • Rejected Email
  • Bad or Spamming Domain Emails

we accept any file format even if it has multiple fields. 

For only 5$ you can verify up to 20K emails in just one day (super fast service in low rate), we will give you a full report for the whole verification process as follow:

you will get valid email list (verified, active and working).

Invalid email list. (not valid due to one of the above reasons)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back!


  • This Service Not for Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail
  • If your list contain 75% Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail Contact Me for Pricing 
  • Gmail Accept at All. Left Every Domain Accept.